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About IGNITE Immunotherapy

IGNITE Immunotherapy is working to unlock the full potential of cancer immunotherapy. Our optimized intravenous oncolytic cancer vaccines are designed to complement approved immune checkpoint inhibitors by igniting an immune response to patients’ cancers. Our purpose is to cure cancer patients through combination immunotherapy with our intravenous oncolytic vaccines.

Our Team

Our founding team is comprised of world-leaders in the areas of oncolytic cancer vaccines, therapeutic viruses, viral vector gene therapy, cancer biology, biotherapeutic development, clinical research, and experimental cancer therapeutics.


IGNITE has a foundational partnership with Pfizer in the area of intravenous oncolytic cancer vaccines. Pfizer is the exclusive strategic collaborative partner and lead investor in IGNITE. Together, IGNITE and Pfizer are jointly performing research and development on these cutting-edge immunotherapy agents. Areas of focus include vector discovery, pharmacology-toxicology, process development, analytical development, and cancer immunotherapy combination studies.


IGNITE is dedicated to providing a stimulating and dynamic environment for scientists to innovate and create. IGNITE combines the focus and drive of a startup, with the resources and world-class R&D capabilities of a leading pharmaceutical company. In the heart of San Francisco Bay Area’s biotech hotspot, our dedicated team is well-positioned to collaborate with our collaborators at Pfizer, as well as scientists, doctors, and researchers from UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford.


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